Resort Activities

Vacations were made for fun. Humans love fun activities like snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef or parasailing while on vacation. It’s no different for your furry companion. Having fun is what many pets do best. Plus, it relaxes them and helps to make their vacation even better.
Our daily rate includes two lively play times. We have a plethora of options to add on to the fun in the afternoon and to continue in the evening.
  • Silver Packages
    Kaylee goes for a walk
    A lively stroll in our neighborhood in the afternoon, done in place of the included play time.
    $9.00 substitution charge
    Cuddle Time
    Extra love and affection in the afternoon. We always include some with your pet’s vacation!
    $12.00 per time
    Midnight Snack
    Even dogs get the munchies late at night. We take a Kong Toy, fill it with natural peanut butter, and freeze it before offering it.
    $7.50 per time

    Tuck In
    Our version of turn-down service for people hotels. Includes a treat and a kiss goodnight.
    $6.00 per time
  • Gold Packages
    Nick struts his stuff outside
    High Energy
    Afternoon & evening Playtime.
    $12.00 per day
    Total Fitness
    Afternoon Walk, evening Playtime. The best of both worlds!
    $13.00 per day
    Slumber Party
    Total Fitness plus Tuck In. This special package is limited to single night guests that are getting a bath.
    $12.00-$13.00 per day
  • Platinum Packages
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    Big Day
    A complete, active day! Afternoon walk, afternoon Cuddle Time, evening Playtime.
    $25.00 per day
    Marathon Workout
    Great for those with boundless energy! Afternoon Playtime, afternoon Walk, evening Playtime.
    $25.00 per day
    Trust Builder
    Afternoon Playtime & Cuddle Time, Tuck-In. Designed for dogs who are unsure about staying.
    $24.00 per day

    Water Aerobics
    A fun-filled workout in our large, heated outdoor pool.
    $35.00 per time
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Over the years, we have learned that pets who play enjoy their stay! That is why we offer a wide variety of options for your pet's vacation. We prefer the approach of one-size-does-not-fit all. Whether it is a lively activity for your Labrador or pampering for your Pomeranian, we know we have something your pet will love. And it will help them to love their stay with us. If you do not know what your pet will love the most, just ask your concierge on check-in. We would be happy to help you make your pet's stay memorable.
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