Finding a Rainbow During a Storm

I know I speak for everyone when I say the last five months have been about the weirdest time ever. Did you ever think you’d go through a pandemic? I surely never thought about it. I truly hope you and your family have been safe and healthy. I know it’s been rough, especially for some folks.

Looking back on the last months, we have been lucky compared to other places. In fact, we have always had some guests here, even back in March and April. Our guests in March included a pair of dogs whose owners were stuck in Peru, trying to get home before the world completely closed. It made us all feel good that at least they didn’t have to worry about their big, lovable pups.

We also still had day care dogs, including those of essential workers. Mabel’s mom is a doctor, Shai’s mom works in finance, and Misha’s dad works in defense. I’m glad we were able to continue to help take care of these pups so their pet parents could still work.

We got through the slowest days by doing some extra work around here. Deep cleaning and painting were some of the chores we got done. We’re in the middle of replacing our ceiling tiles, a chore that creates a huge mess. There are over 500 tiles and we are about half way complete.

One of the best things we have done since March is offer another round of treats and extra time outside. Since March, I’ve been treating our canine guests to extra time out. Then at the end of the night, I do an extra round of treats. We all love to do as much as possible for our guests and love spending extra time with them.

In April, I had an interaction with one of our guests that just made my day in these trying times. Lai’a the Chow had checked in with her Akita brother, Mikaia. I had gotten the dogs from the car but Lai’a was being awfully shy. With the owner’s help, I got the pups through the back gate. Later that night, after taking Lai’a and Mikaia outside, Lai’a came over to me and nuzzled my hand as if to say, “Yea, this is all too crazy and weird but we’re in it together. Will you be my friend?” Little moments like that is what makes being here so rewarding.

Another wonderful moment was when little Daisy, residing in the first run, greeted me after my days off. As I came through the door, she saw me and warbled in excitement!

Since we have been doing curbside check-in, we have heard from a few clients they prefer it. Astro, who stayed with us in May doesn’t always like other dogs. His mom commented that curb-side was so much easier because she didn’t have to worry about Astro getting close to other dogs. He also seemed a little more at ease checking in. When we return to our normal here, feel free to ask for a curb-side check-in if you feel your pup would prefer it. We are always here to do whatever we can to make your experience the best possible!

Oh, there’s a funny side effect of our check-in outside. When I take the tabs off of our name bands, I often stuff them in my pocket only to find them at home when I empty them. I laugh every time I see one.

So what’s going on now at your pet’s favorite resort? Not as much as usual, that’s for sure! Summer time is normally a very busy time for us as families go on summer vacations, take kids to college, or just have a big get together at home.

Typically in June, when kids get out of school, we pick up quickly. While we did see a difference in the number of guests, our summer season has been about half of normal. It’s winding down now as kids go back to school, albeit virtually through the magic of Google Classroom and Zoom.

While we miss having a room full of happy dogs chatting with each other, the last few months have made me realize even more how much I love being here. And even though times are still weird and uncertain, I find reasons to smile. We still get to see some wonderful and amazing dogs and cats. I’ll also smile when I pull a name tag tab from my pocket at home.

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