Fun At Home

Aren’t pets some of the best medicine in uncertain times? I’m sure everyone loves having their furry someone by their side as they navigate theses uncharted waters. All of us here at VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa are thoroughly missing having a resort full of lovable, wonderful pets. blogEntryTopper
We know many of you are staying home and that means you have your pets by you 24 hours a day. Are you having fun with them since now you have more time on your hands?

Here are some tips to make the most of being Safer at Home.

Walk Time
Experts still highly recommend getting out and going for a walk provided you are smart about it. You and your dog should still practice social distancing. When going for a walk, this can be as simple as staying on the other side of the street from your neighbor. Obviously, you and your pup shouldn’t go up to others and stop and chat. If you feel your dog is a little harder to handle, I recommend going for your walks at non-peak times. If you are an early riser, get out and enjoy the calm morning with your furry companion. You might find it’s just the two of you in the neighborhood. I’m sure some reading this laugh at the idea of getting up early. If you’re more of a night owl, take your walk in the later evening when others are safe inside their houses starting their nightly Netflix binge. Walking in off-peak times would also be a good idea if you are concerned about your own health. woman-senior-walking-dog-outdoors-1296x728-header.jpg

It’s sad that baseball season is postponed but that doesn’t have to stop you from a game of catch in the backyard. If you have a good retriever, you can easily adapt to a backyard, if needed.

Treat Them Like a Prince or Princess
Perhaps you have a dog who is more about pampering than activities. Have fun building them a luxurious throne of pillows. Little ones like Chihuahuas love curling up on a cushy bed. Make a mountain of pillows and blankets for them to rest on. You could even do this for your feline friend. You’ll get extra points from your friend if you place the bed in the sunshine.

Make a Special Treat
Do you enjoy baking for friends? Use your baking skills for your furry best friend. The Internet is full of do-it-yourself dog cookie recipes. A simple one like this will impress your pooch and definitely win you kisses–you can even roll them out and cut them as bones or other fun shapes. Try this one for your cat. However, I take zero responsibility if your finicky feline turns their nose up at it!

Has your dog enjoyed a Midnight Snack here at their favorite resort? Make them at home. Simply take any toy with a rigid opening and fill it with peanut butter. Pop it in the freezer for about 2 hours and offer it to your pooch. Be careful though–peanut butter can get oozy and make a small mess where your dog is enjoying it. Serve your Midnight Snack on easily-cleaned surfaces.

Picture of Video Shoot
Are you creative and love doing photo shoots or making videos? Come up with one starring your pets! Post it to Instagram or YouTube. Let us know about it. We want to be able to say we knew you all before becoming a YouTube sensation!

I hope these suggestions help you pass the time at home. Please know that we are thinking about all of you during this unprecedented time.

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