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After having a fun-filled vacation, your pet will love to be pampered in our spa. We use a state-of-the-art bathing system that allows our staff to deep clean your furry family member. Your pet will love the attention. You will love that your pet stays clean even days after.

All of our baths include the following:

  • High quality, fresh smelling shampoo
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Brushing*
  • Spritz of coat conditioner

*Pets with a thick undercoat and/or mats are subject to an additional charge for brushing out.

  • Bath Services
    Bath time
    All of our baths include the above services. We base our prices on breed and coat type.

    Bubble Bath
    A luxurious bath with our state of the art bathing system.
    Our bath prices vary by breed and coat type. Please call for a quote.

    Medicated Bath
    If your pet has a skin condition, this bath will help.
    Bath charge + $12.00

    Flea Bath
    We use a high quality flea shampoo with coat conditioners that will not dry your pet's coat out.
    Bath charge + $12.00

    Remoisturizing Treatment
    After your pet's bath, we lather them up in a soothing conditioner that is great for dry, itchy skin.
    Bath charge + $10.00
  • Additional Services
    Dog bath time
    We offer additional services to your pet's bath for the ultimate in pampering.

    Brush Out
    Thick undercoat or matted hair got you and your pet in knots?
    $21.00 per hour

    Face, Feet, Tail
    A quick clean up trim.
    $10.00 additional

    If your pet is tap-dancing, this is the fix.

    SimpleGuard® Flea Control
    Our favorite monthly topical flea control. We also sell SimpleGuard® in a 6-month supply.
    $20.00 additional
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Our guests enjoy their stay with us. Give us one night and we will prove to your furry family member we will cater to their every need. Our favorite compliment from our guests is when they bound through our door on their next visit!

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