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Salon Services

Our luxurious baths are second-to-none! Your dog or cat will lose themselves in decadence.
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What's Included
Our baths are an even greater value when you consider all that we include:
  • A fresh-smelling, high quality shampoo
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning

Spa Day
Make any Day Care day into a day of fun and pampering. Our Spa Day is a convenient way to combine Day Care and a bath!

1-50 pounds $13.00 plus bath price
51+ pounds $15.00 plus bath price
Cats $8.00 plus bath price

We offer spectacular bathing services to our dog and cat guests.

We require all dogs staying 5 days or longer to receive a bath, at owner’s expense, on the departure day.

A flea bath and dose of SimpleGuard® is required for all pets checking in who have evidence of fleas regardless of prior use of a flea control product.

We also offer our luxurious baths to pets not boarding with us–please call us for an appointment.
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Bath prices vary by breed and coat condition. Matting or thick coats do incur additional brush out charges.

Bubble Bath
Our signature bath–your pet will love our refreshing bath and brushing.
Price varies by breed and coat condition

Medicated Bath

Our Medicated Bath is great if your dog or cat has been really itchy. Our Hydrosurge® bathing system helps by loosening dry skin.
$8.00 extra

Remoisturizer Treatment

Great after either our Bubble Bath or Medicated Bath, our refreshing remoisturizer is just what dry, itchy coats need.
$6.00 extra

Flea Bath
Take care of those common parasites with our high quality, conditioning flea shampoo.
$8.00 extra

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Brush Out
Thick undercoat or matting that requires extra work incur our Brush Out charge.
$21.00 per hour

Quick Brush Out
A combination of fun and pampering. Great for keeping long-haired pets at their best during their stay.
$3.50 per time

All baths include a pedicure but you are welcome to add one without a bath if necessary.

Add to any bath for extra flea protection.
$18.00 per dose
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Hydrosurge® Bathing System
Your dog or cat will love our bathing system! Our Hydrosurge® bathing system delivers a combination of shampoo and water into the coat through a nozzle. What does this mean for your furry family member? We get clean down to the skin–a clean so thorough that your pet will be clean and fresh for days after.
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For over 30 years, VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa has been your pet's vacation destination. We pride ourselves on caring for your pet as our own. Find out more here.
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We are conveniently located just one block north of Torrance Memorial Medical Center.
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