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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mix pets from different families?
Currently, we do not mix pets from different families. When there are multiple dogs in one family, we can offer a large enough accommodation for all–there is even a price break! Dogs do see each other in our outside play areas and can socialize safely.
May I tour your facility?
Currently, we are not offering tours due to COVID-19. Please call us for more information. We can text you pictures of the inside of the facility so you may tour it virtually.
Should I make reservations? If so, how far in advance?
We highly recommend reservations. We do get busy and even book up during peak travel times. You may book any time in advance. Keep this in mind if you are wanting to book your pet in one of our Premium Accommodations as they book up quickly.
What are your vaccine requirements?
Our vaccine requirements, designed to protect all guests in our care, are listed here. Please notice that our bordetella requirement for dogs may be different than your veterinarian's standard protocol. We are also the first boarding facility in the South Bay to require all canine guests to be vaccinated for Canine Influenza Virus.
Why do you require bordetella for dogs every 6 months?
While many veterinarians give bordetella vaccines every year, many highly recommend it more frequently for dogs that are under a higher risk of catching the disease. Bordetella is easily spread in any environment where there are dogs–pet resorts, day care facilities, or grooming facilities. The vaccine is a safe and effective means to decrease the risk.
Why do you charge for food if I bring it myself?
We currently use Science Diet® varieties of food. We have found them to be very easy on the digestive system and most guests adapt to it incredibly well. There is an increased workload for us to feed owner provided food–getting instructions written and labeling the food as well as making sure the right dog gets the right food is actually a lot of work! We do not charge if your dog is on a therapeutic diet directed by your veterinarian. There is no additional charge for bringing your cat's own food.
Can you give my pet's medication?
We will be happy to administer your pet's medication. We do ask that you bring it in the original container. We can give oral and topical medications as well as most injectables, such as insulin. We charge $5.00 per day per pet for oral and topical medications for up to three medications given up to three times a day. Additional medications or frequencies vary. Please ask for details. Injectable medications, such as insulin, are charged $7.50 per administration.
Do you still require a flea bath if my pet is on flea control?
Upon check-in, we will use a flea comb to search for fleas or flea dirt. There currently is not a flea control product available that can totally kill all fleas present on your pet as well as in the environment. Therefore, it is always possible for a dog or cat to have fleas or flea dirt (which is flea feces). We would still require a flea bath and SimpleGuard® upon arrival.
May I pick up or drop my pet off after hours?
Yes! For more information, please see our Resort Policies.
Is there someone on property 24/7/366?
Yes! Our typical day is from 7:30AM until 10:00PM even though our lobby hours differ. Our evening attendant leaves as our night attendant is coming on duty. In the morning, our night attendant leaves as the day time staff arrives leaving the facility permanently staffed.

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