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Site Update

Starting tomorrow, we have some price adjustments on various services, including our boarding rates. We just updated our website to reflect those adjustments. While we realize no one is a fan of price changes, please know that we never just automatically change our rates; we always adjust them after analyzing our costs.

We made a few fixes to the site as well. Some of our content boxes had gotten messed up and not displaying properly. Those are fixed now. We also updated our email forms a bit–mostly cosmetic. Perhaps we need a complete makeover. Can you believe our site is over 3 years old now?


Wow! Next Sunday is the official first day of summer, but around our resort, we can tell vacation season is already here.

The last two weeks have seen quite a few area schools get out for summer or even graduate. By the end of next week, all area schools will be on vacation. That means, you better be planning a vacation for your family, including your furry members. Whether you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, New York, or even Europe, we know your furry friend will love their summer vacation at their favorite resort–VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa!

Remember, we have everything they need to have a fun-filled vacation. For our canine guests, our warm water pool is always the perfect temperature–cozy during cooler morning or refreshingly cool on warmer afternoons. Your cat will purr with delight during Cuddle Time each afternoon. Afterwards, she'll return to her sunny Window apartment and day dream the rest of the day.

All of our staff is looking forward to an exciting summer and can't wait to see you and your pets.

Fun Event 13 June

We will be at a fun event for all dog lovers on Saturday, 13 June.

The Ultimate Dog Festival is at Columbia Park in Torrance from 10AM until 4PM. Billed as “Bringing canine sports and wellness to your community,” the event will have agility events, disc catching, flyball, and small dog racing for fun (don’t worry–it isn’t the same as greyhound racing). For canine wellness, look for booths about acupuncture, canine chiropractic, conventional veterinary services, massage (with our masseuse Earlene), and oral health care.

We will have a booth at the event. Come on by for free stuff and to ask questions about our wonderful pet resort.

Columbia Park is in Torrance at 4045 190th Street, 90504.

For more information, see the
Ultimate Dog Website.

Flea Control Application

It’s still summer! Does your furry friend have flea and other parasite protection? This is the time of year it is needed the most. Fleas especially love warm and humid weather and an infestation can easily get out of control. Almost all flea control products, whether they are topical or oral, are to be administered monthly.

Don’t forget to apply topical products properly. Products such as our SimpleGuard, or Advantage and Frontline need to applied on the skin for it to work best. We love the fine tipped applicator of SimpleGuard–it allows you to really cut through your pet’s coat and apply it to the skin.

Remember, all flea control products work best when applied correctly and regularly.

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Meet Our Staff: Salon Super Star Jose Paredes

Jose has been with us here at VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa since 2004. When he first started working here, he was a Kennel Attendant, doing our regular cleaning and exercising duties. Like many of our employees, Jose, who goes by the nickname of Merre, excelled at whatever he was asked to perform. In a very short time, he was doing more and more around our resort.

Today, Jose works mostly in our grooming room, where he treats dogs and cats to a wonderful and soothing bath and brush. He has a keen attention to detail and often notices skin issues before clients know there is a problem with their own dog. While he works mostly in the grooming room, Jose also helps out with walks in the afternoon when the grooming schedule allows.

For a few years now, Jose has been one of our night attendants. After a regular day of work, he returns at 6:30 in the evening to do our evening play time, feeding , and medication schedules. You will see his smiling face greet you at the door if you schedule an after-hours services on some nights.

Jose Parades is married to Jose Maldonando’s sister, Lucy, helping to make our operation a true family affair. Jose is a dad to two girls. Melany is 13 years old and Tania is 7. In his spare time, Jose loves to spend time doing fun family outings such as going to the beach, hanging out at the mall, or going out to eat together.

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Microchipping: Advanced Identification

Modern technology allows you to have an invisible leash on your pet at all times. Microchipping is a very safe and effective way to always have some type of identification on your pet.

Microchipping is usually done by your veterinarian. Your doctor, using a syringe, will place the microchip under your pet’s skin around the shoulder area. Microchips for pets are a radio frequency identification device (RFID) that is encoded with a serial number and are about the size of a grain of rice. The chip transmits the number at a certain radio frequency that special scanners can read. After the chip is implanted, it is very important for a pet owner to register their contact information with the chip’s manufacturer.

If a pet is found missing, animal control or a veterinarian will read the chip’s number with a scanner. Once the number is found, a call to the registry will help reunite the pet with its family. While there are a few manufacturers and radio frequencies used, veterinarians and shelters have scanners that are universal.
If you lose your pet, a call to the registry will help find your pet.

Basic contact information is always included with the price paid for a microchip, usually around $40. HomeAgain, one manufacturer, offers a premium service for helping to reunite a pet with its family. Once you realize your pet is missing, if you subscribe to the service, HomeAgain will send out fax alerts to shelters, veterinarians, and other pet professionals in your area, increasing the chances of finding your furry family member.

Hopefully you never have to find out how it works, just be glad knowing your pet has identification.

This article was originally published in our e-newsletter. See this page to sign up and have our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox.

Select Premium Accommodations Now Include More

Beginning May 1st, guests in select upgraded accommodations will get to enjoy more with their stay. We will include a single afternoon activity for our guests in either the Garden Room or the Bungalows. To enhance your pet's vacation, you may pick from Extra Playtime, a Walk, or Cuddle Time. We know that all of our guests benefit from interaction with our staff and want to offer the very best for their comfort. The daily rate of $50 for the Garden Room and $45 for Bungalows will remain the same–making them an especially good value. If your pup has plenty of energy to get out, you are welcome to upgrade to one of our Deluxe packages like Total Fitness or High Energy for an additional $5 per day.

Stay Connected With Us!

We recently redesigned our Newsletter and invite you to subscribe. There’s so much to share with you this year! In addition to general information about our resort, we are also adding a section called Meet Our Staff where we will feature one of our dedicated staff members. Did you know that the majority of our staff have been with us for 10 years or more? Our new Medical Minute will feature veterinary information from our doctor-on-call Dr. Stephen J. Fynaardt from VCA Clarmar Animal Hospital. We will also include pets for adoption in future issues.

We are very excited about these additions and hope you will join us. To subscribe, just go to our sign-up page. We respect your privacy–our email list is never shared or sold.

Are you a fan ours on Facebook? Like us today to see very timely information and adorable pictures of our guests. Remind us that you are a fan the next time we get to see your furry friend and we will post pictures of their vacation for you to enjoy on your vacation. Join our Facebook fans today!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

We hope 2014 is a great year for you and your furry family member!

We had a lot of fun last year, as always, taking care of the lovable pets we are so fortunate to see. Luckily, we see quite a few on a very regular basis. Likewise, we consider so many of our wonderful guests and their pets like family.

Have a very Happy New Year! We cannot wait to see you and your pet at our fun resort!

Update for Christmas and New Year's Availability

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can focus on Christmas and New Year's reservations.

Currently we are booked for both dogs and cats over Christmas day. For cats, we are booked from Tuesday, December 24th through Saturday, December 28th. For our canine friends, we are booked from Tuesday, December 24th through Thursday, December 26th. The Bungalows, which are for dogs only, are boooked from Tuesday, December 24th through Friday, December 27th.

Just a reminder: when we are booked for certain dates, it means we cannot make the reservation if it includes any or all of the dates we are booked. We can add your pet's reservation request to our waiting list. However, we highly recommend having an alternate plan. We cannot guarantee that we will receive cancellations and be able to take any pet off of the waiting list. For those with reservations, the cancellation date is Wednesday, December 18th to received your depsoit back.

We do have space over New Year's but please be advised that these spots fill up fast now that Thanskgiving is over. Our availability information published on our website is not a guarantee that those dates are still available.

Holiday Availability Update

We are currently taking a waiting list for cats are over Thanksgiving weekend. We are booked for cats Wednesday, November 27th through Saturday, November 30th. We do have space available again on Sunday night. We are nearly booked for dogs for those dates but have a few spots left. If your plans have changed, remember to cancel by November 21st to get your deposit back! Plus it will open a space for another furry friend. We’re sure they will be incredibly thankful!

Christmas & New Years
For Christmas and New Years, we do have space available at this time. Typically, we have a waiting list for Christmas by Thanksgiving. Book now so you’re not left in the dog house. New Years stays usually book up by early December.

As always, we recommend making reservations as soon as possible. We do require a $50 deposit for all holiday stays. For Christmas and New Years stays, you may cancel up until December 18th and get the deposit back.

Important Information: Annual Cycling Event and Street Closure

On Sunday, August 11th, the Peninsula Cycle Club is sponsoring an all-day cycling event in our neighborhood again. We will be open but access to and from our facility will be severely limited. The event begins at 7:30AM and ends about 5:30PM so almost everyone will be affected. We value your time and want you to be aware of everything if you need to drop off or pick up your pet that day. 
On the 1st, the streets that make up our block-Fujita Street, Telo Avenue, Kashiwa Street, and Kashiwa Court will be closed. You may only get to us by using Early Avenue from Lomita Boulevard. For those who use 237th Street to Telo and Fujita or Lomita to Telo, please be advised that route will be closed at Telo and Fujita. 
Our neighbors to the west of us are allowing us to use their parking lot for the day. As you make your way down Early, volunteers from the cycling group will let you cross when it is safe to do so-they will make sure the bike pack is far enough away from the intersection to make sure you can drive your car across Fujita and into our neighbor's lot. You will then have an easy walk down the sidewalk to us. If by chance our neighbor's lot gets full, the volunteers will direct you to park on the street along Early. They will then direct you to cross Fujita when it is safe to do so. 
For those who are dropping off that day, please be sure to allow extra time in order to get your pet checked in. On a normal day, we recommend 15 minutes. For the 11th, we suggest 30 minutes just to be safe. If you are picking up, please allow a little extra time as well. When this event was held Spring of 2012, everything went very smoothly. We do just want you to be informed and prepared.  
For your pet's safety, we would like to remind you to hold on to leashes tight when you are outside with your dog–and by no means let them off leash for any reason! The races being held include 50-100 cyclists and the noise they create may make even the most well adjusted dog nervous. For our feline friends, we recommend that you have a tight-closing carrier. The cardboard ones are not nearly as secure. Each lap will take the cyclists 3-4 minutes so by the time you park and get out of your car, the group of bicycles might be coming back. 
For those using our late pick up service that evening, normal access should be restored. 
We hope this helps you in planning for the 11th. If by chance you are not going to be at our facility that day, please let your friends know that might be! If you have a specific question that we didn't cover here, please give us a call at (310)539-2201. You can also email us at

Pet Care Tip: Dangers of Parked Cars and Pets

We would like to take a moment to remind everyone that pets and parked cars do not mix in warm weather. Do your furry friend a favor and try to limit where you take them when the weather is warm out. A quick trip to the store can turn into a major medical issue if the inside of the car starts to get warm. Temperatures inside a parked car can soar to over 120 degrees F in minutes. Keeping windows open does not always help, especially if there is no breeze. While we understand wanting to take your best friend with you places to have a good time, summer time just is not the best time to do it.

Remember also to have cool, clean water available for your dog and cat at all times. Please mention this to your friends and family to help protect their pets, too.

SimpleGuard: Simply Better Flea & Tick Protection

Summer time in sunny southern California usually means an increase in fleas. In order to more effectively combat the pesky parasites, we changed our flea control product to SimpleGuard. SimpleGuard is a topical like Advantage and Frontline but offers many more benefits.

For dogs, SimpleGuard controls fleas and ticks as well as mosquitos, sand and biting flies, lice and most mites. For cats, SimpleGuard controls fleas. Both formulas of SimpleGuard differ from Advantage in that they include an insect growth regulator, or IGR, that helps control immature flea stages. Immature fleas stages such as eggs, larvae and pupae can make up to 95% of a flea population. This additive helps to make SimpleGuard incredibly strong and effective.

We offer SimpleGuard applications after any bath and even require an application after any flea bath given to a dog or cat on arrival. For a better value, we do offer 6 dose boxes in all sizes.

Get a jump on fleas and get your furry friend on SimpleGuard today!

New Pool Makes a Big Splash

In mid-April, our old swimming pool collapsed after nearly 17 years of service. Luckily, we were itching to replace it anyway and a new pool was already ordered.
While waiting for the new pool top be delivered, we prepared our site. We had decided to upgrade the size of the pool and found an oval one that fit our area perfectly. It was even a little deeper than our old, round one. Preparing the site included removing about 16 inches of dirt–that way the top of the pool was actually a little lower than our old one.
After about three weeks of prep work, the pool was delivered and we immediately started to set it up. In a few days, we had a beautiful, new pool!

With our new pool, we did have to make a brand new ramp. Since the pool is oval, we were able to put the ramp on the long side, making the runway a little longer. The combination of a longer ramp and lower height from the ground makes our new ramp even easier to get dogs in the pool.
We also added some tall, lifeguard style chairs for those who watch their dogs swim. Along with some new plants to brighten up the area and a new trellis at the back, our new pool is ready for our canine guests!
Just a reminder, we do offer swimming by appointment on select days of the week–your dog does not need to be staying with us to enjoy a swim. Just give us a call. You can stay and watch (and use our awesome new chairs!) or drop off and come back a few hours later. And, of course, we continue to offer Aquassage with Earlene.

Pet Care Tip: Use Flea Control Now

If you tend to stop using flea control on your pet during the cooler months, now is the time to resume treatment. As the weather gets warmer, the flea population increases. By applying flea control now, you help to keep the new population in check, making the flea control much more effective. That being said, remember to continue treatment monthly. If your dog seems to be a flea magnet, you can check with your veterinarian to see if it is advisable to apply flea control a little earlier than monthly for better protection.

Slight Price Increase on Some Services

Effective June 1, 2013, we are increasing our prices on some boarding rates as well as swimming. Classic rates will increase by $1.00 for all weight categories for dogs. The rates will be $28.00-$33.00 depending on weight. Cat accommodations, likewise, will increase by $1.00. The new cat accommodation rates will be $19.00 for Windows and $17.00 for Classic. For Water Aerobics, our new rate will be $18 for a 15-minute session.

New Pool Coming Soon

A few weeks ago, we started our day to find our popular swimming pool had ruptured and spilled its 5000 gallons of water all over our play yards–and even behind our fence into a neighbor’s lot! That’s the sad news. The good news is we were already planning on getting a new pool and just a few days before the old one ruptured, we ordered its replacement. Maybe it was sad we were replacing it.

Our new pool is a 12 by 20 oval, whereas our old one was a 15 foot round. Volume-wise the oval is a bit more. The neat thing is we can do our water aerobics and hydrotherapy better. Since the new pool is a little taller, we got the idea to dig down a little over a foot. When the whole project is complete, the top of the pool will be a little lower than what our old one was, making it easier for dogs to go up a ramp and get in.

We’re also adding a nice deck area to one end that will sit at the pool level. For those who come to watch their pups in the pool, this should make it much easier! As of this weekend, we have the hole dug and the main posts in place had to be installed still lower than the bottom of the pool to offer extreme support! With the sophisticated design of the frame, there will not be angled supports outside of the pool.

We cannot wait to introduce our new pool to everyone! For some pictures, check out the album we have on Facebook.

Our Website Turns 1

Wow! A year ago today we celebrated our first ever Open House. You can read about it here. Doesn’t seem like it has been that long. It was also a year ago today that our current website debuted. We hope you still like it! We’ve tried to make things easier and better organized. One thing we love is being able to quickly update things when the time comes. If you noticed during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we kept the availability up to date.

Thank you for stopping by our site. If there’s something you would like to see here, please email or call.

Happy New Year!

We’re so glad 2013 is here! It’s going to be a great year–we can tell already! We already have some plans.

One of the first things you’ll notice is we’re going to use our email list to send out a monthly newsletter. We’ve had a newsletter for some time now, but recently we made it easier for people to sign up and for us to create new emails. With all that is going on, you will want to be on the list! Our other recent newsblog entry has more information.

The newest addition to our resort, our Bungalows, has been really popular. We think they are a perfect fit for so many dogs, we really want everyone to know about them. Look for some exciting news next month.

This year, we’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we want to party! And we want to party so much that it will take part of spring and summer to do everything! We’re busy putting together some fun things. Nothing is official yet ,but one idea we have is to offer our rates from 1983 for a very limited time or as part of a contest. We’ll keep you posted.

Welcome to 2013!

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Are you on our email list? We use our email list to send out a monthly newsletter. It is a great way to stay up-to-date on what is happening at our resort. For 2013, we have some exciting plans, like a 30th Anniversary celebration in the late spring and early summer. By joining now, you’ll be in the loop first!

We also use our email list to send out special coupons. Coupons usually are sent out at the beginning of the month and are good until the end of the month. January’s coupon will be out by the end of the week. Don’t delay!

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We of course need to add our disclaimer in here. We will not sell your email address to anyone. Ever. We don’t even automatically sign you up. It is always your choice. You can always unsubscribe later but keep in mind you’ll hurt our feelings.

New Newsletter Coming Soon!

We have been busy putting the finishing touches on a new email newsletter system!

The only real change our subscribers will notice is a different look. Underneath, we are switching the way we subscribe folks and how we handle sending the emails out. The benefit to our subscribers is that we will be able to send out nicer looking emails with a better frequency. I’m sure you’re wondering when you received the last one. Us, too!

In the next week or so, we’ll transfer your name and email address to the new system and send out our first email!

We’re looking forward to keeping in contact with you!

Holiday Reservations Update

We are currently taking awaiting list for stays that are over Thanksgiving weekend. We are booked Wednesday, November 21st through Friday, November 23rd. We do have space available again on Saturday night. If your plans have changed, remember to cancel by November 15th to get your deposit back! Plus it will open a space for another furry friend. We’re sure they will be incredibly thankful!

Christmas & New Years
For Christmas and New Years, we do have space available at this time. Typically, we have a waiting list for Christmas by Thanksgiving. Book now so you’re not left in the dog house. New Years stays usually book up by early December.

As always, we recommend making reservations as soon as possible. We do require a $50 deposit for all holiday stays. For Christmas and New Years stays, you may cancel up until December 18th and get the deposit back.

Join Us For a Busy Weekend October 6th & 7th!

Maybe we’re a little crazy, but we’re sure to have fun at not one, but two events October 6th & 7th! Please come visit us at one–or even both–events

Event: Blessing God’s Creatures
Date: Saturday, October 6th
Time: 9AM-2PM
Where: First Lutheran Church in Torrance

Come join us for a fun, FREE, community event! First Lutheran Church will offer individual blessings to your furry family member, along with souvenir "I've Been Blessed" buttons and photos. We'll have a booth with lots of free stuff! Sign up for our free weekend give-away by guessing the number of dog cookies in the cookie jar. The Wildlife Learning Center will present assorted exotic animals. First Lutheran Church will also have a raffle with the Grand Prize being an iPad! We were invited last year and had a lot of fun-we'd love to see you there! The church is located at 2900 W. Carson Street in Torrance, just a block east of Maple on the south side of the street.

Event: Lomita Obedience Training Club’s 2nd Annual Rally Throwdown
Date: Sunday, October 7th
Time: 9AM-2PM
Where: Highridge Park, Rolling Hills Estates

Come join us at Highridge park in Rolling Hills for the 2nd Annual Lomita Obedience Training Club's Rally Throwdown benefiting America's VetDogs. We'll have a booth with free goodies along with our free weekend give-away. Our masseuse-extraodinaire Earlene will also be at the event offering massages and pupilates sessions for $10-20 each. Highridge Park is located at 29034 Highridge Road, off of Hawthorne Blvd. We hope to see you there!

Pet Pix Later This Month

On Wednesday, September 19th, our favorite pet photographer, Pet Pix will be at our facility capturing stunning portraits of your lovable pooch or kitty. PetPix primary photographer Brooks is paws down, the best pet photographer we have ever seen. You’ll be amazed on how well he can capture your furry friend. We know what you’re thinking: “But my dog won’t sit still.” Don’t worry, Brooks can get their attention and in an instant snap a shot worthy of putting above your mantle!

Sitting fee is $29.99 and includes either an 8x10 or 2 5x7s (of the same pose). Pet Pix offers loads of packages and even specially items like mugs and keychains using the poses. Call us at (310)539-2201 to book a sitting. Times are every 1/2 hour from 3PM until 6PM.

If you’d like to see some work by Pet Pix, check out their website,

It's Getting Hot Out There–Be Safe!

Wow! Has the last week been hot or what? As we roll into the hottest part of the year, we would like to take a moment to remind our clients about pet safety when it is hot out.

Whenever it is hot out, even slight exposure to excessive heat can be a potentially fatal situation. This can be from staying in a too hot of car or even playing too hard. In a car, the temperature can soar from the high 70s to 120 in just about 30 minutes. This means that you really shouldn’t even take your dog on quick trips. While you are inside the grocery store just grabbing a few things, your pooch is getting hot! 

Why is even a short exposure to excessive heat dangerous? Heat stroke. Heat stroke is a very dangerous and often fatal condition for your canine friend. Dogs do not control their body temperatures the same way we do. They pant to get heat out rather than sweat and basically cannot cool down as easily as we do. If the situation is not remedied, heat stroke starts to set in. The symptoms of heat stroke include:
  • heavy panting
  • lethargy
  • red gums and tongue
  • rapid pulse
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea

Exposure to excessive heat isn’t just with a car. A dog can get over heated from playing too much also. While Fido may really want to keep playing ball, it is best not to if it is hot out.

What can you do to help protect your furry friend? First and foremost, plan well! Do not take your dog to places they are not allowed like the grocery store or a restaurant and leave them in the car. For playing and exercise, limit it to the cooler part of the day like the morning or evening. Avoid midday that is often the hottest. 

If you are seeing the symptoms above, seek veterinarian help immediately. Keep the local emergency clinic number and address handy in case your veterinarian is closed. 

If you are out and see a dog left in a car, take action. Tell the store owner/management or even the local police or animal control. 

We hope this information helps you and your sweet, lovable mutt have a safe summer.

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