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Site Update

Starting tomorrow, we have some price adjustments on various services, including our boarding rates. We just updated our website to reflect those adjustments. While we realize no one is a fan of price changes, please know that we never just automatically change our rates; we always adjust them after analyzing our costs.

We made a few fixes to the site as well. Some of our content boxes had gotten messed up and not displaying properly. Those are fixed now. We also updated our email forms a bit–mostly cosmetic. Perhaps we need a complete makeover. Can you believe our site is over 3 years old now?


Wow! Next Sunday is the official first day of summer, but around our resort, we can tell vacation season is already here.

The last two weeks have seen quite a few area schools get out for summer or even graduate. By the end of next week, all area schools will be on vacation. That means, you better be planning a vacation for your family, including your furry members. Whether you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, New York, or even Europe, we know your furry friend will love their summer vacation at their favorite resort–VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa!

Remember, we have everything they need to have a fun-filled vacation. For our canine guests, our warm water pool is always the perfect temperature–cozy during cooler morning or refreshingly cool on warmer afternoons. Your cat will purr with delight during Cuddle Time each afternoon. Afterwards, she'll return to her sunny Window apartment and day dream the rest of the day.

All of our staff is looking forward to an exciting summer and can't wait to see you and your pets.