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Important Information: Annual Cycling Event and Street Closure

On Sunday, August 11th, the Peninsula Cycle Club is sponsoring an all-day cycling event in our neighborhood again. We will be open but access to and from our facility will be severely limited. The event begins at 7:30AM and ends about 5:30PM so almost everyone will be affected. We value your time and want you to be aware of everything if you need to drop off or pick up your pet that day. 
On the 1st, the streets that make up our block-Fujita Street, Telo Avenue, Kashiwa Street, and Kashiwa Court will be closed. You may only get to us by using Early Avenue from Lomita Boulevard. For those who use 237th Street to Telo and Fujita or Lomita to Telo, please be advised that route will be closed at Telo and Fujita. 
Our neighbors to the west of us are allowing us to use their parking lot for the day. As you make your way down Early, volunteers from the cycling group will let you cross when it is safe to do so-they will make sure the bike pack is far enough away from the intersection to make sure you can drive your car across Fujita and into our neighbor's lot. You will then have an easy walk down the sidewalk to us. If by chance our neighbor's lot gets full, the volunteers will direct you to park on the street along Early. They will then direct you to cross Fujita when it is safe to do so. 
For those who are dropping off that day, please be sure to allow extra time in order to get your pet checked in. On a normal day, we recommend 15 minutes. For the 11th, we suggest 30 minutes just to be safe. If you are picking up, please allow a little extra time as well. When this event was held Spring of 2012, everything went very smoothly. We do just want you to be informed and prepared.  
For your pet's safety, we would like to remind you to hold on to leashes tight when you are outside with your dog–and by no means let them off leash for any reason! The races being held include 50-100 cyclists and the noise they create may make even the most well adjusted dog nervous. For our feline friends, we recommend that you have a tight-closing carrier. The cardboard ones are not nearly as secure. Each lap will take the cyclists 3-4 minutes so by the time you park and get out of your car, the group of bicycles might be coming back. 
For those using our late pick up service that evening, normal access should be restored. 
We hope this helps you in planning for the 11th. If by chance you are not going to be at our facility that day, please let your friends know that might be! If you have a specific question that we didn't cover here, please give us a call at (310)539-2201. You can also email us at

Pet Care Tip: Dangers of Parked Cars and Pets

We would like to take a moment to remind everyone that pets and parked cars do not mix in warm weather. Do your furry friend a favor and try to limit where you take them when the weather is warm out. A quick trip to the store can turn into a major medical issue if the inside of the car starts to get warm. Temperatures inside a parked car can soar to over 120 degrees F in minutes. Keeping windows open does not always help, especially if there is no breeze. While we understand wanting to take your best friend with you places to have a good time, summer time just is not the best time to do it.

Remember also to have cool, clean water available for your dog and cat at all times. Please mention this to your friends and family to help protect their pets, too.

SimpleGuard: Simply Better Flea & Tick Protection

Summer time in sunny southern California usually means an increase in fleas. In order to more effectively combat the pesky parasites, we changed our flea control product to SimpleGuard. SimpleGuard is a topical like Advantage and Frontline but offers many more benefits.

For dogs, SimpleGuard controls fleas and ticks as well as mosquitos, sand and biting flies, lice and most mites. For cats, SimpleGuard controls fleas. Both formulas of SimpleGuard differ from Advantage in that they include an insect growth regulator, or IGR, that helps control immature flea stages. Immature fleas stages such as eggs, larvae and pupae can make up to 95% of a flea population. This additive helps to make SimpleGuard incredibly strong and effective.

We offer SimpleGuard applications after any bath and even require an application after any flea bath given to a dog or cat on arrival. For a better value, we do offer 6 dose boxes in all sizes.

Get a jump on fleas and get your furry friend on SimpleGuard today!