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A Brand New Site!

We are so excited to be rolling out a brand new website! We have spent the past few months putting it all together and our big day is finally here. We hope you enjoy it. While we have kept many of the features our previous site had, we have changed a few things to enhance your experience.

First off, we have changed to a more modern, flat look. Our buttons are not shadowed, making the site look more stylish and current.

Second, you will notice a little bit different organization and navigation. We wanted the main menu to be a little more concise, so we consolidated things by putting the Stay, Play, and Spa heading under Our Resort. Under Our Resort is our policies page, a great place for helpful reminders on our requirements. We also made our footer more modern and very easy to read. With our phone number near the top of every page, you will never have to stop to look up our number, since today no one remembers phone numbers! A useful navigation feature that is on every page is a "go to top" button. If you are at the bottom of page and want to go back to the top, simply click or tap that button and you will be transported magically. On a desktop computer, it is a small purple square on the lower right of the page; on iOS or Android, it is the purple bar at the bottom of the page. We still have a "breadcrumb" trail at the bottom of each page to help you find your way.

Our site is now responsive, a major change that we are super excited to have. A responsive site is one that adjusts to what device you are using. It is friendly to Mac or Windows, iOS or Android. While in development, we constantly checked to make sure each and every page was well presented no matter what device, operating system, or modern browser was being used.

We love our guests and wanted to feature more of them. We picked new pictures for almost every page. When searching for nice banner style pics, we immediately fell in love with the relaxing French Bulldog you see at the top of the pages. She looks so comfy relaxing, we knew it was the perfect way to convey what our resort means to many of our guests. It also matched our color scheme perfectly.

This blog also had some changes. We have kept the last few years worth of entries. Our plan is to do at least a monthly post that will center on things like puppy care, geriatric dog care, how to say goodbye to your friend, etc. The topics will end up being a little more in depth than in our newsletter. If you are not on our mailing list, please sign up here.

You can still submit reservation requests. Just follow Reservations link in the menu. Our site is still disconnected from our booking program, so you still need to submit a request and we will reply.

We hope you like our new site. We are very proud of it!

For information on how we collect and use information about you and your pet, and how you may opt-out of some uses, please see our Privacy Policy.