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Happy New Year!

We’re so glad 2013 is here! It’s going to be a great year–we can tell already! We already have some plans.

One of the first things you’ll notice is we’re going to use our email list to send out a monthly newsletter. We’ve had a newsletter for some time now, but recently we made it easier for people to sign up and for us to create new emails. With all that is going on, you will want to be on the list! Our other recent newsblog entry has more information.

The newest addition to our resort, our Bungalows, has been really popular. We think they are a perfect fit for so many dogs, we really want everyone to know about them. Look for some exciting news next month.

This year, we’re celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we want to party! And we want to party so much that it will take part of spring and summer to do everything! We’re busy putting together some fun things. Nothing is official yet ,but one idea we have is to offer our rates from 1983 for a very limited time or as part of a contest. We’ll keep you posted.

Welcome to 2013!