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New Pool Makes a Big Splash

In mid-April, our old swimming pool collapsed after nearly 17 years of service. Luckily, we were itching to replace it anyway and a new pool was already ordered.

While waiting for the new pool top be delivered, we prepared our site. We had decided to upgrade the size of the pool and found an oval one that fit our area perfectly. It was even a little deeper than our old, round one. Preparing the site included removing about 16 inches of dirt–that way the top of the pool was actually a little lower than our old one.

After about three weeks of prep work, the pool was delivered and we immediately started to set it up. In a few days, we had a beautiful, new pool!

With our new pool, we did have to make a brand new ramp. Since the pool is oval, we were able to put the ramp on the long side, making the runway a little longer. The combination of a longer ramp and lower height from the ground makes our new ramp even easier to get dogs in the pool.

We also added some tall, lifeguard style chairs for those who watch their dogs swim. Along with some new plants to brighten up the area and a new trellis at the back, our new pool is ready for our canine guests!

Just a reminder, we do offer swimming by appointment on select days of the week–your dog does not need to be staying with us to enjoy a swim. Just give us a call. You can stay and watch (and use our awesome new chairs!) or drop off and come back a few hours later. And, of course, we continue to offer Aquassage with Earlene.