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SimpleGuard: Simply Better Flea & Tick Protection

Summer time in sunny southern California usually means an increase in fleas. In order to more effectively combat the pesky parasites, we changed our flea control product to SimpleGuard. SimpleGuard is a topical like Advantage and Frontline but offers many more benefits.

For dogs, SimpleGuard controls fleas and ticks as well as mosquitos, sand and biting flies, lice and most mites. For cats, SimpleGuard controls fleas. Both formulas of SimpleGuard differ from Advantage in that they include an insect growth regulator, or IGR, that helps control immature flea stages. Immature fleas stages such as eggs, larvae and pupae can make up to 95% of a flea population. This additive helps to make SimpleGuard incredibly strong and effective.

We offer SimpleGuard applications after any bath and even require an application after any flea bath given to a dog or cat on arrival. For a better value, we do offer 6 dose boxes in all sizes.

Get a jump on fleas and get your furry friend on SimpleGuard today!