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Resort Activities

All of our accommodations include a single morning play time. The activities below may be added to your pet's vacation. The simplest is a single afternoon activity. For the best value, take advantage of our packaged activities. Feel free to combine the Single Activities almost any way your dog or cat desires!
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Benefits of Fun
Over the years, we have noticed something about our guests and the amount of activities they receive. The guests who experience a variety of fun and pampering while with us tend to be happier and more at ease. You can see it in their demeanor–exercise and fun do really de-stress!

Custom Vacation
Some guests do better with activities that are more of a pampering style rather than exercise. And it is the main reason why our base rate includes one play time. We have always kept our base rate reasonable to allow you to customize additional activities.
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Cuddle Time
Cuddle Time is great for any pet who just loves being with someone.
$6.00 per time
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Extra Playtime
Extra Playtime is extra time outside in our play yards in the afternoon.
$6.00 per time
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Story Time
Let a friendly team member read a cute pet story to your kitty or dog.
$6.00 per time
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One of our most popular activities! We take your pooch on a stroll through our neighborhood.
$6.50 per time
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After a fun-filled day on vacation, who doesn't love to be tucked in? Comes with a gourmet cookie and a goodnight kiss!
$3.50 per time
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Hi Energy
If your dog could play catch and run all day, High Energy is for them! Includes an afternoon and evening session of playtime.
$12.00 per day
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Total Fitness
Total Fitness is a great combination package! Includes an afternoon Walk with an evening playtime–the best of both worlds!
$12.00 per day
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Slumber Party
For dogs, a walk in the afternoon, evening playtime, and Tuck-In. For cats, Cuddle Time in the afternoon and Tuck-In in the evening. Available for guests staying one night only.
$6.00 per day
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Comforts of Home
Designed for dogs new to resort living, Comforts of Home includes an afternoon playtime and Cuddle Time. One of our signature hammock-style beds is also included.
$14.00 per time
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Big Day
Big Day = an incredible fun-filled day! An afternoon Walk is followed by Cuddle Time. Before settling into the comfy, included hammock-style bed, your deserving pooch goes outside for an evening playtime.
$18.00 per time
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Marathon Workout
Play, play, play! An afternoon Walk is followed by an extra playtime. Before settling into the comfy, included hammock-style bed, your active dog gets an evening playtime.
$18.00 per time
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Water Aerobics
Our pool has been the ultimate in resort living for our canine guests since 1996! A life-guard is always on duty to make sure your friend is safe in our relaxing and fun heated pool.
$20.00 per time
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Pampered Pooch
Pampered Pooch is for the most elite canines! Includes an afternoon Walk, Cuddle Time, Brush Out and Tuck-In. Luxury Accommodations round out this special package.
$25.00 per time
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For over 30 years, VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa has been your pet's vacation destination. We pride ourselves on caring for your pet as our own. Find out more here.
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