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Fun At Home

Aren’t pets some of the best medicine in uncertain times? I’m sure everyone loves having their furry someone by their side as they navigate theses uncharted waters. All of us here at VCA Kennel Club Resort & Spa are thoroughly missing having a resort full of lovable, wonderful pets. blogEntryTopper Read More...

Canine Influenza: A Real Threat To Your Canine Companion

We have always strived to do the very best to take care of our guests and make  our environment as safe as possible for all of our guests. As such, for the first time in our 35 year history, we are adding a vaccination requirement for our canine guests.
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Getting A Handle On Fleas

It’s still summer time and that means it is also flea season. Fleas, the most common parasite for dogs and cats, can be incredibly difficult to control. What can you do to get a handle on these 2-millimeter blood-sucking monsters? The best and most effective way is a multi-point attack.
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